Oracle Insbridge Training

Oracle Insbridge Training

Second Phase offers comprehensive training on the Oracle Insurance Insbridge product suite that covers a wide range of topics. Whether onsite or remote, each of the following options can be tailored to meet your needs. For more information regarding our training offerings, please contact training@secondphaseinc.com.

  •   Basic Training

    Typically a three-day course, basic training will cover all of the essentials of the RateManager tool. Users will learn how to build, test, and deploy rating logic within RateManager. The goal of this training is to gain enough knowledge and confidence in the product to be able to perform daily tasks.

    Audience: Beginners, Business Users
    Duration: 3 - 5 Days

  •   Advanced Training

    Advanced training offers insight into some of the more advanced features of RateManager that are not covered in basic training. Topics range from program-to-program callouts, custom input and output XML mapping, release management, and more. This training is recommended for resources with a basic understanding of Oracle Insbridge and some technical background.

    Audience: Intermediate/Power Users, Some Technical Background
    Duration: 1-2 Days

  •   Configuration Training

    There are several different ways to configure Oracle Insbridge environments, depending on customer needs and policies. This training serves to give insight into these options and is intended for system and database administrators.

    Audience: System Administrators, Database Administrators
    Duration: 1 Day

  •   New Release Training

    With each new release of the Oracle Insbridge product, Second Phase can provide a brief walkthrough and discuss all changes or enhancements contained within the new release. As an Oracle Gold Partner, Second Phase has access to all Oracle Insbridge releases and can be demonstrated upon request.

    Audience: Current Oracle Insbridge Users, Administrators, Managers
    Duration: 2 - 4 Hours

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