Oracle Insbridge Upgrades

Oracle Insbridge Upgrades

Second Phase understands Oracle Insurance Insbridge Enterprise Rating (OIIER) upgrades and the need to execute upgrades quickly and effectively to minimize disruption and ensure business continuity. We help clients understand the options available to them. We help define and balance a technically-driven upgrade with one that simultaneously delivers enhanced business capability based on the client’s business needs and budget. Second Phase focuses on understanding both the technical and business environment, establishing the approach, delivering an OIIER upgrade project plan best suited to your company’s goals, and then executing that plan.

Second Phase has been assisting companies with critical OIIER upgrades since 2008. Working with nearly every version of OIIER 3.x to OIIER 4.8, we have helped many companies transition smoothly and virtualize their OIIER environments in preparation for their next upgrade.

OIIER Upgrade Project Plans That Suit Your Company’s Goals

Our focus is on understanding your technical and business environment; establishing the approach; delivering an OIIER upgrade project plan best suited to your company’s goals; and then executing that plan. Our approach looks at what you need to get through the OIIER upgrade and ensures you are positioned to reap the subsequent benefits. In particular, we work with our clients in the following areas:

  • Reviewing existing OIIER landscape and hardware
  • Sizing requirements for upgrade landscape
  • Upgrading hardware, servers, and storage
  • Upgrading infrastructure set-up, servers, storage, network, and virtualization
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